Bobby Wiley.

Tom Davidson

The baseball junkie next door stinks like grease.

Looks like he’s about to croak. He ain’t clean.


I AM. 


Been spick and span for six years.

Back then I said goodbye to hocking junk

& bombing liquor. Goodbye 


to stealing azaleas and axles, to stockpiling turpentine,

to stewing in the gutter, to holy beaters,

and the street demon peddlers. 


I said goodbye to bad shit happening.


That’s when I was transferred to this building,

took one of the only single units left.

From my window I can see robins 

jerking around on the branches.


I’d probably kill myself if I was a robin. 

Turning up leaves all day to find 

nothing. Free as a bird they say, but that’s not

any kind of freedom I want to partake in.


Freedom is a CLEAN mind, a CLEAN body.

And it takes mental focus.


It takes all you’ve got.

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